Neighborhood Watch: Larimer Square

The buildings are made of beautifully-preserved brick, and the cobblestone streets are just about as charming as you can get. The square is home to some amazing restaurants, gorgeous hotels, and shopping that will satisfy all your needs. Whether you're looking for a quiet date or a rowdy night out with friends, Larimer Square has something for you. It's also home to some of the best people-watching in all of Denver!

If you're visiting Denver for the first time or the hundredth time and want to see what makes this city so special, Larimer Square is an excellent place to start.

Come and join us on our date night as we tour you around Larimer Square!

The top suggestion places you might as well visit in Larimer Square area:

1. Rioja- you may want to try their extraordinary hand-made pasta Gnocchi, the cocktails are also good as well as the service
2. Bistro Vendome- a French Restaurant and the owner is also the owner of Rioja, we are served with Amuse-Bouche and Escargot
3. Garage Sale- it's a little thrift, consignment store at the end of the street with a cool bar inside to make your stay and buy more clothes :)
4. Hidden Gems Ice Cream- the newest addition to the neighborhood. It offers a sweet addition to a hot afternoon or a nightcap under the twinkling overhead lights.

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