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One of the most appealing aspects of working in Real Estate is that each day is different. Agents meet new people, see new places, and respond to the changing needs of buyers or sellers, which often means shifting gears at the last minute. And sometimes mishaps in the workspace may occur, just like being evicted from the office.

*Evicted from the office, we put in our work to find the best possible spot for our team.

This is just a sample day in a life of a Realtor LaughingLaughingLaughing

Figuring out how will I work without an office 

DS: (while on my mobile phone going to the office) Yes, you know I help first-time homebuyers all the time. What are you looking for? Okay, two bedrooms. What neighborhoods are you looking at? (Seeing a sign on the door of our office) Hmm, I'm sorry can I call you back?

DS: Hello! This is Derek with Symbio Denver. Oh, so you were expecting my call. I'm standing in front of my office right now and there's a friendly little red sign in front of it. I'm wondering why are we being evicted right now?

Property Manager: (explaining why are we being evicted)

DS**:** You're kicking us out because of her? She's like the most well-behaved person on our team. She's a top producer, what are we gonna do without her in our office?

Property Manager: (Because of her hair)

DS: That's nuts! It's because of her hair?

Property Manager: (And she is not taking a bath every day)

DS: Because she didn't take bath every day?

And she walked into someone's office without knocking.

Property Manager: (Continue enumerating more of the reasons why)

DS**:** (listening to the Property Manager and repeating what she is saying) It's because she talked during a meeting.. she was jumping on people.. she attacked a camera person.. she took a leak right in front of Caroline's desk... she ruined Sally's new pantsuit and jumped on a desk yesterday.

DS: I mean there are just some things that we do for our top producers. This is our number one star therefore if you don't want her you don't want us!!! (I guess it’s time for us to find another office)

Look how adorable Beyla here- with her amazing dish towel”

So you see, we are a Pet-Friendly Office or Workspace. We take the importance of our pets, to the point of labeling them as a new “member” of our Smart Office. Meet Beyla here, she shared an important bond by reducing our stress and promoting interactions between Agents resulting in an improved social atmosphere. We know that it is important to consider that some may be uncomfortable due to fears or phobias, or due to preference (as some might not like dogs). Hence we make sure to put a policy in place by finding out what everyone in the workplace thinks about dogs and assessing the risks associated with dogs being in different areas of the office.

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